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Challenger crash-1

After the “Challenger” crash.

Russian joke of the Perestroika epoch.

January 28, 1986, couple of hours after the crash of the american space shattle “Challenger”.

White house, the office of American president Ronald Wilson Reagan….
Henry Alfred Kissinger, legendary american anti-soviet politician, tells this terrible news to the President Reagan: “Mr President! Terrible thigs had happened! Russians exploded our bets space shattle “Challenger”! Everything in completely destroyed! Ruined! All of the members of the crew are dead! This is the national tragedy!”

“Bloody hell!” – Reagan creams, -- “This is a total nightmare! Bloody Russians blasted our best space shuttle! We are totally in a Big S***t! I do not even know, what to do…. I do not even know, what to do….

-- Actually… let me think…. Wait… wait a minute! Challenger… Challenger… Challenger… “Challenger” starts with “Ch”… I probably know, what to do! Actually, Henry… you are very educated man. Can you me on thing… you, probably know…. May be, Russians have something, which starts with “ch”?

-- Yes! Russians have something, which starts with “ch”! This is Chernobyl!